Guchu Shukyu (愚中周及)

Shukyu GUCHU (1323 - October 4, 1409) was a priest of the Rinzai sect during the period of the Northern and Southern Courts (Japan). He was from Mino Province. His dogo (a pseudonym as a priest) was Guchu. His imina (priest's name) was Shukyu. His shigo (a posthumous name) was Buttoku Daitsu Zenji.

Guchu entered a temple at seven years of age and studied under Soseki MUSO of Rinsen-ji Temple in Kyoto and became a priest at the age of 13. After that, he received commandments at Mt. Hiei, entered Kennin-ji Temple in Kyoto and, in 1343, went to study in the Yuan dynasty of China. After he returned to Japan in 1351, he entered Nanzen-ji Temple in Kyoto and, in 1395, performed the kaisan (founded a temple as a chief priest) of Buttsu-ji Temple by kaiki (founded with the patronage) of Haruhira KOBAYAKAWA in Aki Province.

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