Shungyo (俊堯)

Shungyo (1118 - 1186) was a Buddhist priest at the end of the Heian Period. He was the 58th Chief Abbot of the Tendai sect. He was a follower of the Shogun MINAMOTO no Yoshinaka and following the death of the Abbot Myoun, he became Tendai-zasu (head priest of the Tendai sect) with the patronage of Yoshinaka.

He was born to MINAMOTO no Akinaka who served as Jingi haku (a chief official in charge of matters relating to Shintoism) and he was named MINAMOTO no Kenchi.
He lived in the Gochi-in of the Todo district, Mt. Hiei and was taught by Sogen and Seiko who held the rank of Daisozu (the highest grade that can be held by one who has reached the second highest rank in the hierarchy of Buddhist priests)
In 1165, there was an incident that Gyokei, who was called Ben-ajari (Buddhist priest), left the mountain after bad behavior of one of his disciples and headed to the home of the kebiishi (officials with judicial and police powers) in the dark (according to the entry on October 6 of "Akihirooki" (The diary of the Prince Akihiro)).

In 1170 he became Hoin (highest rank of Priest), and Kanezane KUJO wrote in his diary called "Gyokuyo," '世上不レ為レ可云々、併莫レ不レ驚二耳目一' and when Shungyo was further promoted to sojo (a priest ranked in the highest managerial position) he wrote his opinion that it was 'bizarre.'

He became close to MINAMOTO no Yoshinaka after he occupied Kyoto. Yoshinaka wished to enthrone Hokuriku no miya (first son of Prince Mochihito) whom he had served, and asked Shungyo to mediate with Emperor Goshirakawa. However he was completely ignored by Emperor Goshirakawa and Emperor Takakura's son Shinomiya ascended to the throne under the name Emperor Gotoba. However in December 1183, Yoshinaka staged a coup, attacking Hoju-ji Temple while Emperor Goshirakawa was present. Myoun, who was Tendai-zasu and was also present, was murdered during the attack. It was Shungyo who subsequently became Tendai-zasu in place of Myoun.
It goes without saying that Yoshinaka had a say in this appointment, and in "Gyokuyo" it mentions that ''与二義仲一為二親眤一''木曽之定使'.'

However after gaining the appointment in such a forceful way, Shungyo could not gain the confidence of the priests of Mt. Hiei and he was chased from Mt Hiei immediately upon the death of Yoshinaka in February, 1184. He was only Tendai-zasu for one month. He died in 1186 in Kyogoku-bo, Kadeno-koji avenue in Kyoto. He was 69 years old.

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