Keijo Shurin (景徐周麟)

Shurin KEIJO (1440 - April 11, 1518) was a priest of the Rinzai sect of the late Muromachi period. His father was Mochifusa ODACHI. His mother was a daughter of Noritomo AKAMATSU. His posthumous name was Shurin. His dogo (pseudonym as a priest) was Keijo. He also had other names: Gichiku, Hanin and Taisho.

He learnt from Chuzai YODO at Shokoku-ji Temple in Kyoto in his childhood and became a priest, and when he became an adult, he succeeded the doctrine of Yodo.
There was a period when he found refuge at Eigen-ji Temple (Higashi-Omi City) in Omi Province from the Onin war (1467 - 1477.)
In 1487, he resided at Toji-ji Temple, and in 1490, he was ordered to become a Seishi (senior envoy) of Kenminshi (Japanese envoys to the Ming Dynasty, China), however, he turned it down. In 1495 he resided at Shokoku-ji Temple, and in the next year, 1496, he moved to Rokuon-in Temple where there was a danna-to of the 3rd shogun Yoshimitsu ASHIKAGA, and then in 1508, he returned to Shokoku-ji Temple. In his later years, he built Jisho-in on the premises of Shokoku-ji Temple and retired into private life.

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