Sonjun Hosshinno (尊純法親王)

Sonjun Hosshinno (December 1, 1591 - June 21, 1653) was a Buddhist monk of Tendai Sect in the early Edo period. His father was Oin Hosshinno. His mother was Fukushoin.

In 1598, he entered Shoren-in Temple of Tendai Sect as the 48th monzeki (a chief priest who is a member of the Imperial Family). He was successively conferred the title of Gon no Shosozu (a title of high-ranking priest) and Gon no Daisozu (a title of high-ranking priest which is senior to Gon no Shosozu) in 1604 and received kanjo (ceremony to be the successor) from Ryojo Hosshinno in 1607. In 1615, he was conferred the title of Daisojo (the highest rank of Buddhist monks). In 1640, he became Imperial Prince by Imperial proclamation and called himself Sonjun. In 1644, he was inaugurated as the 173rd head priest of Tendai Sect cum Homu (director of temple affairs) of Mt. Nikko and repaired Nikko Toshogu Shrine. In 1647, he was conferred the title of Nihon (the second court rank for Imperial Princes) and was inaugurated as the 177th head priest of Tendai Sect. He excelled in calligraphy.

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