Tango Daibutsu (丹後大仏)

Tango Daibutsu (Great Buddha) is a large statue of Buddha in Honzaka, Ine-cho, Yosa-gun, Kyoto Prefecture. The present Daibutsu (built of stone) is the second generation and the first generation was built of bronze.

The Characters

The size is less than 2.2m (Daibutsu only). Since people look larger than the statue, some say it is about 1.5m high.

It is a seated statue.


(The abstract from an inscription for an explanation)

It was founded to console the souls of 42 employees of the silk factory who were killed by the flu.


Honzaka, Ine-cho, Yosa-gun, Kyoto Prefecture

The First Tango Daibutsu

It seems that it was made by bronze and as high as the present one (For the lack of image of the first Daibutsu, details are unclear).

1917: The 42 employees who went on a trip for an excursion to Tokyo were killed by the flu.

From 1917 to around 1920: The factory manager himself built the Daibutsu at Honzaka, Ine-cho, Yosa-gun (Since there is no record, this time is very obscure).

1944: It was scrapped unfortunately for having been made of metal. It seems that it was cast into bullets for the war.

The Second Tango Daibutsu

1945: It was built at the same place of the first Tango Daibutsu. After that, it continues to exist to this day.


Since there is no public transportation, there is no way to reach it, except by car.

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