The Daiun-ji Temple (Kyoto City) (大雲寺 (京都市))

The Daiun-ji Temple is an independent temple (the Tendai Shomon sect) located in Iwakura, Sakyo Ward, Kyoto City. Its honzon (principal image of Buddha) is Juichimen Kannon Bosatsu (Kannon Buddhisattva with eleven faces) and also called Iwakura Kannon or Kannon-in.

It is said that it was founded by Shinkaku sponsored by Fuminori HINO in 971, and it was a branch temple of the Onjo-ji Temple. In 980 it was appointed as the place for imperial prayer, which had many temple buildings, but the temple's fortune declined because of an internal conflict within Tendai Sect and later several fires caused by war. In the Kanei era (1624-1644) during the Edo period it was rebuilt when the Emperor Gomizunoo became a believer, but these temple buildings which were rebuilt do not remain.

Some people say that this temple (or the Kurama-dera Temple) is the model of the temple in Kitayama in the volume of 'Wakamurasaki' in "Genji Monogatari" (The Tale of Genji).

305 Iwakura Agura-cho, Sakyo Ward, Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture
A few minutes walk from the Iwakura Jisso-in Temple bus stop operated by Kyoto Bus cooperation.

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