The Hokke Sect Shinmon School (法華宗真門流)

The Hokke sect Shinmon school is a Buddhist school led by Nichiren with Nichiren being Koso (the founder of the religious sect) and Nichishin being the founder of the school (the Hokke sect Shinmon school).

The founder

The founder of the school
Nichishin (Hokke sect Shinmon school)

The Grand Head Temple
Honryu-ji Temple (Kyoto Prefecture)

Nichishin (Hokke sect Shinmon school) had studied under Nichigu at Myoken-ji Temple (Kyoto Prefecture) but, with a controversy over the Lotus Sutra, Nichishin, pronouncing 寿量品正意論, left Myoken-ji Temple to build Honryu-ji Temple (Kyoto Prefecture) whereby founding the Nichishin school. The Hokke sect Shinmon school has 3 head temples in Fukui Prefecture.

Three Head Temples in Fukui
Sabae City 妙法蓮華経山平等会寺 (塔頭常在院 and真行院 are also located here)
Echizen City Chiko-zan Mountain Honko-ji Temple (塔頭顕正院、勇猛院、実教院、行運院 and Honjuin are located here)
Obama City Honkyo-ji Temple on Mt. Keiko

In 1488, Nichishin (Hokke sect Shinmon school) erected Honryu-ji Temple (Kyoto Prefecture).

In 1872, in accordance with the one head per religious sect rule, the Nichishin school merged with all other schools under the Nichiren sect.

In 1874, the Nichishin school became a member of the Nichiren sect Shoretsu school.

In 1876, with installation of the head, the Nichishin school publicly referred to itself as the Honryu-ji school whereby the Nichiren sect Shoretsu school broke up.

In 1898, the Honryu-ji school changed its name to the Honmyo Hokke Sect.

In 1941, the Honmyo Hokke Sect, Honmon Hokke Sect and Hokke Sect were amalgamated as prescribed by the Religious Corporations Ordinance whereby becoming publicly referred to as the Hokke Sect.

In 1951, breaking away from the Hokke Sect, the former Honmyo Hokke Sect faction became referred to as the Hokke sect Shinmon school.

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