The Institute for Zen Studies (禅文化研究所)

The Institute for Zen Studies is a research institute (a corporation) about Zen and Zen-related culture established jointly by the Rinzaishu and Obakushu sects, and is located on the premises of Hanazono University.

In addition to the quarterly issuing of "Zen Bunka" (Zen culture) and that of "Zen Bunka Kenkyujo Kiyo" (Journal of The Institute for Zen Studies), the research institute has made efforts to promote Zen culture through the publication of mimeograph-based books, such as "Sodoshu," and also through various books concerning research such as "Hakuin Zenji Hogo Zenshu" (Complete Collection of Buddhist Sermons by Hakuin Zenji) and "Sodoshu Sakuin" (Index to Sodoshu). Furthermore, in addition to publishing books, the institute is also engaged in promoting the prosperity of temples through the development of temple job management software and the sending of lecturers on training courses. Yoshitaka IRIYA once belonged to the institute. Famous Zen priests, such as the priests Mumon YAMADA and Seiko HIRATA, became heads of the institute.

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