The Kengoin School of The Jodo Shinshu Sect (浄土真宗遣迎院派)

The Kengoin school of the Jodo Shinshu sect is one of the schools of Jodo Shinshu (the True Pure Land Sect of Buddhism). The honzan (head temple) is Kengo-in Temple (Takagamine Koetsu-cho, Kita Ward, Kyoto City).

Kengo-in Temple was once one of the temples of the Tendai sect, but it became independent and founded a new school in 1955. Although it aims for the Jodo Shinshu sect, it doesn't have strong relations with other religious communities of Jodo Shinshu sects in terms of religious principles, as it has adopted the two honzon (principal image of Buddha) of Shaka Nyorai (Shakyamuni) and Amida Nyorai (Amitabha Tathagata). Ingo (a title of a temple), "Kengoin," is derived from two Chinese characters "遣 (to send)" and "迎 (to receive)," meaning that Shaka sends people to Jodo (the Pure Land of Amida Buddha) and Amida welcomes people into the Pure Land.

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