Torin-in Temple (東林院)

Torin-in Temple is one of the sub-temples of Myoshin-ji Temple of the Rinzai sect. Torin-in Temple is renowned for the treasured 300 year-old sal tree (Shorea robusta) on its grounds. It is commonly known as the Temple of Sal Tree.

Brief History

The origin of Torin-in Temple lies in Sanyu-in Temple which was erected in 1531 by Ujitsuna HOSOKAWA to pray to Buddha for the happiness of his deceased father, and was located in present Kamigyo-ku Ward, Kyoto City. In 1556, Toyokuni YAMANA relocated Sanyu-in Temple to the grounds of Myoshin-ji Temple, changing its name to the current Torin-in Temple. At this time Torin-in Temple became the ancestral temple of the Yamana clan from the original family temple of the Hosokawa clan.

Buddhist Vegetarian Cuisine

The present resident priest Genbo NISHIKAWA is well-known as a Buddhist vegetarian food researcher, currently offering a Buddhist vegetarian cooking class (by appointment only) on Tuesdays and, in addition, reservations for a party of 3 or more are accepted for sampling a Buddhist vegetarian meal on the premises.

Tourist information

Torin-ji Temple is not open to the public as a rule but special admission is permitted on the occasions of the 'rice and azuki bean porridge party' in January and the 'sal tree viewing' event in June every year.

Lodging information

Torin-in Temple offers lodging services on the premises. Lodging reservations must be made in advance by sending a return postcard (a postcard with a reply card attached).

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