Yua (由阿)

Yua (1291 - c.1379) was a Ji Sect Buddhist monk and Manyo scholar who lived from the latter part of the Kamakura period to the Northern and Southern Courts period. His full name is Yu Amidabutsu.

He became the disciple of Taa, a direct disciple of Yugyo Shonin, and resided at Shojoko-ji Temple in Sagami Province where he immersed himself in research into the 'Manyoshu.'
In 1365, he was invited by Kanpaku (chief advisor for the emperor) Yoshimoto NIJO and in the following year travelled to Kyoto year where he lectured on the 'Manyoshu' and authored 'Shirin Saiyo-sho' (Commentary of Leaves from a Forest of Words). He was aged 74 years at the time. Following in the footsteps of Sengaku, he conducted empirical research and wrote works including "Shui Saiyo-sho" (Commentary of Leaves of Gleanings) and "Seiyo Tanka-sho" ("Green Leaves and Red Flowers," a Collection of Poetry).

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