Shuho Yuki (秀峰尤奇)

Yuki SHUHO (the date of birth unknown - August 1372) was a Zen priest of the Rikkyoku school of Tofuku-ji Temple who was active during the period of the Northern and Southern Courts (Japan). He studied under Shigen JIKUSAN (hoshi, or a successor of principle to Egyo HAKUUN, the fourth head priest of Tofuku-ji Temple) who founded the Susei-ji Temple in Kanayamura, Neigun, Ecchu Province (Tera machi, Toyama Prefecture). He was invited to serve as the first chief priest of Kokoku-ji Temple in the same province (Toyama City). Later, he founded Ansei-ji Temple in Kyoto as betsugyo (villa). In August 1372, he entered into Nirvana. His grave is located in Kaizanto (a burial ground) of Kokoku-ji Temple in Nunoichi, Toyama City.

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