Akiyamanoshitabiotoko (秋山之下氷壮夫)

Akiyamanoshitabiotoko is a Japanese deity.

He made a bet with his brother Haruyamanokasumiotoko as to either of who would win the heart of Izushiotome-no-kami whom many gods failed to conquer; after all, he could not get her love because Haruyamanokasumiotoko's mother meddled in the matter. Moreover, when Akiyamanoshitabiotoko intended to break his promise and call off the bet, he had to accept the validity of the bet because of Haruyamanokasumiotoko's mother interfering in the matter according to the story of Emperor Ojin in Kojiki (Records of Ancient Matters). An autumn mountain covered with frost is said to be deified as Akiyamanoshitabiotoko. This episode symbolizes that celebrating "Haru" (spring) brings a bumper harvest in "Aki" (autumn).

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