Amenonaemasu no mikoto (天苗加命)

Amenonaemasu no mikoto (spelled '天苗加命,' or alternatively '天苗益命') is a deity (Shinto) in Japanese mythology. He is also known as Asahiko no mikoto.

It is said that Amenonaemasu no mikoto is the brother or son of Futsunushi no kami, who is famous for the legend of Kuniyuzuri (transfer of the land, or the pacification of Ashihara no Nakatsukuni (the Central Land of Reed Plains)). Amenonaemasu no mikoto is the founding father of Katori-muraji, a family who had served as the head Shinto priest (called 'Daiguji' (high priest of a great shrine), or 'Onegi') of Katori-jinja Shrine for generations, and enshrined in Matami-jinja Shrine (also referred to as Wakaomi-jinja Shrine), one of sessha (auxiliary shrines) of Katori-jinja Shrine.

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