Amenoohabari (天之尾羽張)

"Amenoohabari" is a sword appearing in Japanese Mythology, as well as the name of a god (Shinto). As a shinmei (name of god), it is called Amenoohabari-no-kami. It is also referred to as Itsunoohabari.

In the chapter of kamiumi (birth of the gods) in Kojiki (Records of Ancient Matters), it appears as the name of Totsuka no tsurugi (long sword) used by Izanagi to kill Kagutsuchi. It is written that its other name was Amenoohabari. Gods such as Takemikazuchi related to fire, thunder, and sword were born from Kagutsuchi's blood on the Amenoohabari.

In the chapter on the conquest of Ashihara no nakatsukuni, upon selecting the third god to dispatch to Ashihara no nakatsukuni after Amenohohi and Amenowakahiko, Omoikane (the god of wisdom and talent) recommended Itsunoohabari-no-kami or the child of this god, Takemikazuchinoo-no-kami. Amenoohabari-no-kami blocked the road by pulling the water from Amenoyasukawa, and since the other gods could not go there, Amenokaku-no-kami was dispatched as an envoy. Itsunoohabari-no-kami responded that Takemikazuchinoo-no-kami is more qualified, so Takemikazuchinoo-no-kami was dispatched to Ashihara no nakatsukuni.

When Takemikazuchi-no-kami appears in the main body of the chapter on the conquest of Ashihara no nakatsukuni in Nihonshoki (Chronicles of Japan), it is described that it is the grandchild of Itsunoohashiri-no-kami IV, a god living in Amenoiwaya. Itsunoohashiri-no-kami is believed to be another name for Amenoohabari-no-kami.

Ohabari' (尾羽張) means 'ohabari' (尾刃張), which is a sword with wide blades on both sides at the tip. Ame' indicates that it has something to do with Takamanohara (plain of high heaven). Itsu' (伊都, 稜威) means power. Ohashiri' means 'saohashiru' (the sword comes out of the sheath on its own) indicating that it is a sharp blade.

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