Asashiro-jinja Shrine (朝代神社)

"Asashiro-jinja Shrine" is a shrine in Asashiro, Maizuru City, Kyoto Prefecture. Izanami no mikoto is the main god worshipped there. Under the old kindai shakaku seido (modern shrine ranking system), it is a prefectural shrine.

Origin and history
Legend says it was established by transferring a divided tutelary deity from Izanagi-jingu Shrine in September 672.

From the Edo period, it has been worshipped as the guardian deity of the birthplace for the townspeople of the Tanabe Domain.

In the 'Jingikanrei Yoshidake shokoku shake shisso ki' compiled in the late Edo period, it is described as one of the eleven shrines of Tango Province under the name Tanabe asashiro-sha do okawa-sha (田辺朝代社同大河社).

Immediately after the torii (Shinto shrine gate), the road approaching the shrine extends to the left and ends at the compound of Enryu-ji Temple. Turn right at the end and go up the stone steps to reach the main building of the shrine.

The old main building burned down in a large fire in 1732, and the current main building (designated cultural property of the city) was reconstructed in 1739.

Location, access
Location - 13 Asashiro, Maizuru City, Kyoto Prefecture, 624-0842.
Access - Ten-minute walk from Nishimaizuru Station, Maizuru Line of West Japan Railway and Miyazu Line of Kita Kinki Tango Railroad

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