Haitei no Yashiro Shrine (Shrine of the Dethroned Emperor) (廃帝社)

Haitei no Yashiro Shrine was located on a knoll in Shimogyo Ward, Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture.

The shrine is on the east side of Fushimi Kaido Road leading to Inari with two small shrines facing south. It is said that one enshrines Emperor Junnin, Imperial Prince Toneri and Imperial Prince Sawara, and the other enshrines Empress Jingu, Empress Inoue and Imperial Prince Osabe. According to a couple of theories, the knoll was a mausoleum of Emperor Chukyo (Dethroned Emperor Kujo) and the divine spirit was enshrined in the shrine, or it was a grave of Imperial Prince Toneri or FUJIWARA no Sanetomo. It was also called Tsukamoto Shrine since the round burial mound was enshrined. In January of 1877, the divine spirit of Haitei no Yashiro Shrine was enshrined together with the Wakamiya Hachimangu-jinja Shrine in Gojo-zaka, Kyoto City.

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