Hime no kami (比売神)

Hime no kami is a Shinto god (Shinto).

When describing the enshrined deity of a shrine, it is written 比売神 (Hime no Kami) (比売大神 (Hime Okami)), 比咩神 (Hime no Kami), etc., along with the shusaijin (main enshrined deities)
This is not the name of a specific god, but refers to the wife or daughter of the shusaijin of the shrine or a goddess with strong ties.

The most famous Hime no Kami is the Hime Okami of Hachimanshin (God of War). At Usa-jingu Shrine and other shrines, it is considered that this refers to the Munakata three gods, but there are many theories on the true identity of Hime Okami at Hachiman-sha Shrine.

Hime no Kami enshrined at Kasuga-taisha Shrine is the wife of Amenokoyane (Amenokoyane no Mikoto), Amenomitsutamateruhime no Mikoto. Some shrines enshrine Ohirumemuchi no Mikoto (Amaterasu) as Hime no Kami.

Hime-jinja Shrine
It exists nationwide in Japan, with Hime no Kami as the shusaijin. Those simply called 'Hime-jinja Shrine' are often the Setsumatsu sha (smaller shrine managed under the shrine) of other shrines.

Major shrines
Hime-jinja Shrine (Nara City):
Sessha (auxiliary shrine (dedicated to a deity close-related to that of a main shrine)) of Nantokagami-jinja Shrine
Hime-jinja Shrine (Izumisano City):
Sessha of Hine-jinja Shrine
Ichihime-jinja Shrine
Niutsuhime-jinja Shrine
Anekurahime-jinja Shrine
Tajihayahime-jinja Shrine
Nudehiko-Nudehime-jinja Shrine
Murayaniimasumifutsuhime-jinja Shrine
Iwatsuhime-jinja Shrine
Sayotsuhime-jinja Shrine
and many others.

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