Ikasuri no Mikannagi no Matsuru Kami (坐摩巫祭神)

Ikasuri no mikannagi no matsuru kami god is a god in Shintoism (Shintoism).

Ikasuri no mikannagi no matsuru kami god is a generic name of the following five gods.

Ikue no kami god
Sakue no kami god
Tsunagae no kami god
Hahiki no kami god
Hasuha no kami god

Ikasuri no mikannagi no matsuru-kami god was originally a god which was deified by Ikasuri no mikannagi (unmarried female ritual officers) in the west building of Shingi-kan ritual office. In the Engishiki shinmeicho god list, Ikasuri no mikannagi no matsuru kami god was described as "five Ikasuri no mikannagi saishin festival gods" of the 36 gods in the Imperial Court, and it was written that the five gods were in the line for the main shrine and were invited for the gifts of Tsukinami (monthly festival) and Niiname (the new rice festival).

Today, Ikasuri no mikannagi no masturu kami god is known as the festival gods of Ikasuri-jinja Shrine in Chuo Ward in Osaka City. In the citation that mentions that the Shingi-kan ritual office was located in Heiankyo capital city (later on, the capital was moved), there is the Fukunaga-jinja Shrine which deifies Sakue no kami god and Tsunagae no kami god of the Ikasuri no mikannagi no matsuru kami gods. Ashiha-jinja Shrine in Fukui City deifies the five gods referring to them as 'Omiyaji no mitama' and there is a theory that the name of the area 'Fukui' was named after Sakue no kami god.

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