Ikutsuhikone (イクツヒコネ)

Ikutsuhikone no mikoto, written as 活津日子命 (in Kojiki: The Records of Ancient Matters) or 活津彦根命 (in Nihonshoki: Chronicles of Japan), is the fourth son in five sons and three daughters given birth from the pledge made by Amaterasu (the Sun Goddess) and Susano (Amaterasu's brother: a deity in Japanese Mythology), and he was born from a bead which Amaterasu was wearing on her left wrist.

According to Jinmyocho Kosho: historical investigation on shrines listed in Engishiki jinmyocho (a register of shrines in Japan), which was organized after Nobutsune DEGUCHI's death and completed in 1733 by Hiro KUWAHARA, a Shinto priest of Geku (the outer shrine of Ise), and his son 弘世, Ikutsuhikone is defined as the enshrined deity of Ikune jinja Shrine (presently enshrines Sukunahikona no mikoto and others) in Oshisaka (also pronounced as Ossaka or Osaka) and Sumiyoshi. He is considered to be the same god as the one enshrined to Ikukunitama-jinja Shrine. He is also enshrined to Ikuno-jinja Shrine in Amata-gun, Ikuto-jinja Shrine in Yabu-gun, and so on.

He seems to have some sort of relation to Onamuchi no mikoto, but the details are unclear. Shinmyo (name of a god) considered to be related to Ikutsuhikone include Ikushima no kami, Oyashima no mitama, Ikutama, 活田?, 生田? and so on.

The place-name of Hikone, Shiga Prefecture, is said to be named after the god.

Although any clan has not been identified as the god's descendant, a Shinto priest of Onji jinja Shrine is listed in Shinsen Shojiroku (genealogical table of ancient clans) as a descendant of Ikumusubi no mikoto, a child of Takamimusubi.

Shrines to enshrine Ikutsuhikone

Hikone-jinja Shrine (Hikone City, Shiga Prefecture)
Ikutsuhikone-jinja Shrine (Azuchi-cho, Gamo-gun, Shiga Prefecture)

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