Jingiin (Institute of Divinities) (神祇院)

The Jingiin was an organ of the national government of Japan. It was an external bureau of the Home Ministry. It no longer exists.

Under Jingikan (Agency of the Department of Divinities) Shinto refomation campaign, the Insitute of Divinities was founded in 1940 as part of the ceremonies commemorating the 2600th year of the founding of Japan. Having produced no particularly noteworthy results, with the promulgation of the Shinto Directive after the war, on February 2, 1946, it was abolished.

Jingikan Shinto refomation campaign
Establishment of the Jingiin
On November 9, 1940, the Jingiin was founded as a replacement for the Bureau of Shinto shrines of the Home Ministry. Eiji YASUI served as the first Director, while concurrently holding the post of Home Minister.

The Shinto Directive and the abolishment of the Jingiin
The Jingiin was abolished on February 2, 1946, and jurisdiction for matters relating to shrines was taken over by the Jinja Honcho (Association of Shinto Shrines) on the following day.

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