Kamo Taketsunumi no mikoto (賀茂建角身命)

"Kamo Taketsunumi no mikoto" is a god (Shinto) appearing in Japanese mythology. He is the originator of the Kamo clan (Kamo no Agatanushi) in Yamashiro Province, and is known as the enshrined deity of Kamomioya-jinja Shrine (the Shimogamo-jinja Shrine).

According to the "Shinsen Shoji Roku," Kamo Taketsunumi no mikoto is the grandchild of Kamimusubi no mikoto. During the Jinmu tosei (story in Japanese mythology about the first generation of the Imperial family), he was ordered by Takamimusubi no mikoto and Amaterasu Omikami to descend from heaven in Hinomine, Yamato Province, to arrive on Mount Katsuragi-san in Yamato Province, and was incarnated as a Yatagarasu (mythical raven who aided Emperor Jinmu on his eastern expedition) and to lead Emperor Jinmu. According to "Yamashiro no kuni Fudoki" (lost writings), he went from Mount Katsuragi-san in Yamato Province to Okada no kamo in Yamashiro Province (where the Okada kamo-jinja Shrine is), and settled where the Kadono-gawa River (Takano-gawa River) and Kamo-gawa River meet (where Shimogamo-jinja Shrine is located).

Kamo Taketsunumi no mikoto has two mikogami (the child god in a shrine where parent-child gods are enshrined), Taketamayorihiko no mikoto and Taketamayorihime no mikoto. Taketamayorihiko no mikoto later becomes Kamo no Agatanushi. The "Yamashiro no kuni Fudoki" also describes how Oyamakui no kami appeared to Tamayoribime in the form of a red arrow and made her give birth to Kamowake ikazuchi no mikoto (the enshrined deity of Kamowake Ikazuchi-jinja Shrine).

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