Kamowakeikazuchi no Mikoto (賀茂別雷命)

Kamowakeikazuchi no Mikoto is a Shinto god (Shinto). Kamowakeikazuchi no Mikoto is enshrined at Kamowakeikazuchi-jinja Shrine (Kamigamo-jinja Shrine) and also at Kamo-jinja Shrines around the country.

Kamowakeikazuchi no Mikoto does not appear in the "Kojiki" (Record of Ancient Matters), the "Nihonshoki" (Chronicles of Japan) or Japanese mythology.
The now lost "Yamashiro no Kuni Fudoki" (Records of the Culture and Geography of Yamashiro Province) contains the following information:
When Tamayori-bime, the daughter of the god Kamo Taketsunumi no Mikoto, was playing in the Semi-no-Ogawa River (the Kamo-gawa River) in Ishikawa, a red arrow came floating by. After taking it home and putting it near her bed, she became pregnant and gave birth to a baby boy. This boy was Kamowakeikazuchi no Mikoto.
When Kamowakeikazuchi no Mikoto reached adulthood, a feast was held in his honor and Kamo Taketsunumi no Mikoto said to him, 'Give this Sake to your father.'
At this, Kamowakeikazuchi no Mikoto crashed through the roof and ascended to heaven. And so it was understood that the boy's father was a god. It is said that the red arrow was Honoikazuchi no Kami (a god of thunder) of Otokuni-jinja Shrine. Stories identical to that of Kamowakeikazuchi no Mikoto's birth can be found in the "Kojiki" concerning Omononushi and Himetataraisuzu-hime, and in the "Hata-shi Honkei-cho" (The True Lineage of the Hata Clan) regarding Areotome and Oyamakui no Kami.

The latter one, especially, is often mixed up with the birth of Kamowakeikazuchi no Mikoto, leading to the spread of the story that his father was Oyamakui no Kami of Matsuo-taisha Shrine.
The 'wake' part of his name means 'young.'

His full name means 'a god full of youthful strength.'

He is also worshipped in Buddhism as Shaka Nyorai (the Buddha, Shakyamuni) and Kannon Bosatsu (Kannon Buddhisattva). In "Kamo-no-Honji," Kamowakeikazuchi no Mikoto is identified with Ajisukitakahikone (a god of thunder).

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