Kanbari Nyudo (加牟波理入道)

Kanbari Nyudo is a deity or monster of toilets according to Japanese folk beliefs. Kanji characters for Kanbari Nyudo are: 加牟波理入道, 雁婆理入道, or 眼張入道.

It plays a role in relieving anxiety over toilets.

This deity is said to be blind and hates to be seen by people, so the user of the toilet must cough before entering. It is said that if a person goes to the toilet on New Year's Eve and casts a spell "Kanbari Nyudo hototogisu (a little cuckoo)," he or she would not see the monster all the new year round. This spell, however, may bring misfortune. According to a dictionary published in the Edo period, "Genen," remembering the spell on the New Year's Eve is ominous.

The relationship between Kanbari Nyudo and little cuckoo is said to be originated in the fact that one of the kanji characters for the bird 郭公 (kakko) has a similar sound to 郭登 (kakuto) which represents a Chinese deity for toilet.

"Kasshibyawa" written by Kiyoshi MATSUURA contains a tale that, when a person called the name of Kanbari Nyudo in the toilet, the head of Nyudo appeared. If the person took the head, put it in the left sleeve and then took it out, the head turned into gold coin.

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