Kokushi Taikei (Compilation of historical and juridical texts from the fourteenth century) (国史大系)

"Kokushi Taikei" is a library of books which collected historic materials essential for the study of the Japanese history and added revisions to them.

It was compiled in the following three series:

Series 1: Kokushi Taikei and Zoku Kokushi Taikei (Supplementary compendium of Japanese history)

Between 1897 and 1901, 17 books including "Nihon Shoki" were published by Keizaizasshi-sha, then between 1902 and 1904, 15 books of the sequel to Kokushi Taikei were published as "Zoku Kokushi Taikei."

Mainly, this series was compiled by Ukichi TAGUCHI and edited by Katsumi KUROITA.

9 to 15: Tokugawa Jikki (The True Tokugawa Records)

Series 2: Kokushi Taikei Rikkokushi and Kokushi Taikei Ruiju Kokushi

Katsumi KUROITA revised the already published Rikkokushi of Kokushi Taikei and newly added "Ruiju Kokushi" to make a series of five volumes consisting of four volumes of "Kokushi Taikei Rikkokushi" and one volume of "Kokushi Taikei Ruiju Kokushi." This series was published from Keizaizasshi-sha from 1913 to 1916.
Series 3: Shin Tei Zoho Kokushi Taikei (Newly revised and enlarged survey of Japanese history)

This series was published by Yoshikawa Kobunkan Inc. from 1929 to 1964. 66 volumes in total. This series was compiled by Katsumi KUROITA and edited by Jiro MARUYAMA and others. In the middle of the project, KUROITA fell ill in 1936 and passed away in 1946, thus Jiro MARUYAMA, Masao KUROITA and Taro SAKAMOTO (historian) set up a team for compiling and editing Kokushi Taikei and continued the project. Kokushi Taikei was completed in 1964, and the Asahi Prize was awarded to the chief of the project, Jiro MARUYAMA in the same year. After that, all the volumes were reprinted twice, in 1998 and in 2002. Since August, 2007, all the volumes have been available for printing on demand (OD).

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