Mitsutorii (三ツ鳥居)

Mitsutorii is a combination of three myojin-gate torii (a pillared gate-like entrance to a Shinto shrine), and it is sometimes called yotsuashi torii (four-legged torii) because it has four pillars.

Major Mitsutorii

Omiwa-jinja Shrine
Although the Mitsutorii in Omiwa-jinja Shrine cannot be actually seen because it is in the prohibited area, the official website of Omiwa-jinja Shrine has the picture of the model of Mitsutorii in 'Precincts Guide - Mitsutorii.'
The official website of Omiwa-jinja Shrine doesn't mention the period when the Mitsutorii was formed or its derivation.

Mitsumine-jinja Shrine

There is Mitsutorii in front of the haiden (a hall of worship) of Mitsumine-jinja Shrine.

It is also unclear about the derivation of Mitsutorii of Mitsumine-jinja Shrine.

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