Moriya-shin (洩矢神)

Moriya-shin (also pronounced as Moreya-shin) is an indigenous god (Shinto) believed to live around the Suwa region in Nagano Prefecture. Moriya-shin is a god (Shinto) who bears a part in Suwa shinko (Suwa belief). As a historical document, there is "Suwa Daimyojin Ekotoba," in which its existence can be confirmed. Moriya-shin is sometimes equated with Mishaguji.

According to traditions like "Suwa Daimyojin Ekotoba" and so on, Moriya-shin had been in ancient times a god (Shinto) who had ruled Suwa region. But Takeminakata no kami invaded Suwa and a fight occurred. Moriya-shin confronted him, making use of kanawa (iron ring) as a weapon, but it was destroyed by a branch of wisteria held by Takeminakata no kami and he was defeated. It is said that thereafter, Moriya-shin transferred the position of enshrined deity in Suwa region to Takeminakata no kami, and has been under his rule. And the place of Moreya-jinja Shrine bearing his name (Hashihara, Kawagishi Ward, Okaya City, Nagano Prefecture) is thought to have been the place where was the headquarters of Moriya-shin in this fight.

In the medieval and early-modern period, Suwa clan regarded as a descendant of Takeminakata no kami served as Ohori (the highest rank of the saints in Shinto) of kamisha of Suwa-taisha Shrine on one hand, Moriya clan regarded as a descendant of Moriya-shin served as Jincho (head of Shinto priests) which is Shinto priest on the other.

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