Nagashiraha no kami (長白羽神)

Nagashiraha no kami was a god appearing in Iwato-gakure (the hiding of Amaterasu Omikami, the sun goddess, in the heavenly rock cave) of Kogo-shui (History of the Inbe clan). By Omoikane (the god of wisdom and talent)'s order, he raised hemp and weaved Aonigite (blue fabric to hang on a branch of sakaki to put it on the altar). He was considered to be a soshin (ancestor honored as god) of Kanomibe who weaved aratae (hemp fabric) to dedicate to Ise-jingu Shrine at Kanomi Hatadono-jinja Shrine, and it derived from Nagashiraha no kami to call white clothes shiraha.

He was Dozokushin (god of the same family) of Futodama. Another name was Amenoshiraha no kami, and one theory said Nagashiraha no kami derived from Tenpaku Shinko (folk religion in the east half of Japan). He was enshrined as the enshrined deity of Amenoshiraha-jinja Shrine stated in Engishiki jinmyocho (a register of shrines in Japan) of Kuji County, Hitachi Province (present Hitachi-ota City, Ibaraki Prefecture).

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