Nakisawame (ナキサワメ)

Nakisawame is a kami (god) in Japanese Methodology (shinto). The kanji used for Nakisawame are 泣沢女神 in "Kojiki" (The Records of Ancient Matters) and 啼沢女命 in "Nihonshoki" (Chronicles of Japan); also 哭沢女命 is used in some cases.

When his wife Izanami died in the section of kamiumi (bearing gods between Izanagi and Izanami) in the Japanese Methodology, Izanagi cried over her dead body, and Nakisawame appeared from Izanagi's tears. Nakisawame is regarded as the soul of water from the spring.

Naki' in the name of 'Nakisawame' means crying, and 'sawa' is the description of the way of crying. Me' in the name of 'Nakisawame' suggests that Nakisawame is a goddess.

In Kojiki, Nakisawame is described as the 'goddess who sits under the tree of uneo on the Mt. Kaguyama.'
In Engishiki jinmyocho (a register of shrines in Japan), Uneotsutamoto-jinja Shrine (exists in Kinomoto-cho, Kashihara City, Nara Prefecture and is called 'Nakisawa-jinja Shrine') is included as the shrine where Nakisawame (kanji used here is 啼沢女命) is enshrined.

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