Ogotooshio-no-kami (大事忍男神)

"Ogotooshio-no-kami, Ohogotooshiwo-no-kami" is a god (Shinto) appearing in Japanese Mythology.

In Kojiki (Records of Ancient Matters), he was the first god born between Izanagi and Izanami during kamiumi (birth of the gods) after completing the kuni-umi (the birth of (the land) of Japan).

The shinmei (name of god) is often interpreted as 'the male god who completed an important matter,' describing that the great task of kuni-umi was completed. However, in "Kojikiden" (Commentaries on the Kojiki), Ogotooshio-no-kami refers to Kotosakanoo-no-kami enshrined in Kumano-hongu-taisha Shrine, and interprets that the god who was supposed to appear in the misogiharae (form of Shinto purification) of Izanagi who returned from Yomi (world after death) was placed at the beginning of kamiumi by mistake.

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