Okami no Kami (淤加美神)

Okami no Kami is a god (Shinto) appearing in Japanese mythology.

Along with Mizuhanome (Mitsuhanome no Kami), it is the leading god of water in Japan.

It is written 淤加美神 in "Kojiki" (The Records of Ancient Matters) and 龗神 in "Nihonshoki" (Chronicles of Japan).


In Japanese mythology, it is told that it was born when Izanagi slew Kagutsuchi during kamiumi (birth of the gods).

"Kojiki" and an Arufumi (supplement volumes of explanatory notes in Nihonshoki) of "Nihonshoki" describes that Kuramitsuha no Kami as well as Kuraokami no Kami were born from the blood gathered at the hilt of the sword, while an Arufumi of "Nihonshoki" describes that one of the Mihashira no Kami (three gods) created when Kagutsuchi no Kami was killed was Takaokami no Kami.

Takaokami no Kami is the enshrined deity of Kibune-jinja Shrine (Kyoto City).

Kuraokami no Kami and Takaokami no Kami are believed to be the same god, or a pair of gods, and Okami no Kami is considered the generic name.

In "Kojiki," Okami no Kami has a daughter named Hikawa-hime, and Fukafuchinomizuyarehana no Kami was born between Fuwanomojikunusunu no Kami, the grandchild of Susanoo, and Hikawa-hime. The grandchild of this god is believed to be Okuninushi (chief god of Izumo in southern Honshu Island, Japan, and the central character in the important cycle of myths set in that region).

Original meaning

Okami (refer to the Wiktionary on the right) is an ancient word for ryu (dragon), and ryu was worshipped as the god of water and rain.

The word 'yami' (darkness) refers to valley and 'taka' (high) refers to mountaintop.

Religious service

In addition to the Kibune-jinja Shrine above, it is enshrined with Mizuhanome no Kami at the Niukawakami-jinja Shrine (Yoshino-gun, Nara Prefecture), and there are shrines nationwide with names such as 'Okami-jinja Shrine.'

It is worshipped as the god of rainmaking, rainstopping, and irrigation.

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