Otabisho (御旅所)

Otabisho means the place where a deity (usually the mikoshi, or portable shrine, that carries the deity) takes a rest or stays overnight while on a ritual procession during a shrine festival (Shinko-sai Festival). It can also mean the destination of such processions. There are sometimes several otabisho set up along the tour route. On the arrival of the mikoshi at the otabisho, the Otabisho-sai Ceremony is performed.

Otabisho are selected from among places related to the shrines or the enshrined deity, or places important to the shrine's parish district. Some otabisho, such as Motomiya (original shrines), auxiliary and branch shrines, and shrines dedicated to 'consort deities,' have actual shrine buildings. In other cases, temporary structures set up on previously enshrined land or the house of the head (tonin) of the parishioners (ujiko) also serve as otabisho.

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