Otonoji and Otonobe (オオトノヂ・オオトノベ)

Otonoji and Otonobe are kami (god) in Japanese Methodology (shinto).

Otonoji and Otonobe are the among the 5th generation of the Kaminoyonanayo (seven generations of the gods' world, The Primordial Seven); Otonoji is a god and Otonobe is a goddess. Otonoji and Otonobe are the deification of the earth when it was completely coagulated; 'ji' in the name of Otonoji means man and 'be' in that of Otonobe means woman. Also in a theory, 'to' in the names of Otonoji and Otonobe is thought to come from 'to' as in the 'mito no maguwai' (literally, intercourse of genitals) and therefore suggesting genitals.

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