Shinpu Kanro (神風串呂)

Shinpu Kanro is a method of clarifying things created by Yoshimasa MIURA (1904 - 1971), Toyokawa City, Aichi Prefecture, who claimed he was an authentic Imperial descendant of the Southern Court. It is simply referred to as Kanro or Kanro Philosophy. It is also known as physiography.

The name 'Kanro Philosophy' is said to have been coined by Masachika NAKANE (developer of Nakane Method of Stenography), President of Ryoyo Gakuen School, who read the manuscript of "Kanro Tetsugaku Part 1 - Clarification of Absolute Truth" written by Yoshimasa MIURA in 1956. It should be noted, however, that some view it as a type of divination method.

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