Takeinadane no mikoto (建稲種命)

Takeinadane no mikoto is a Japanese god. The god is also known as Takeinadane no kimi. His father is Otoyo no mikoto, kuninomiyatsuko (provincial governor) of Owari Province, his mother is Mashikitobe no mikoto, and Miyazuhime is his younger sister. He had two sons and four daughters with his wife Tama hime (a daughter of Oarata no mikoto, an ancestor of Niwa clan). His son Shiritsunane no mikoto was a minister in the reign of Emperor Ojin. One of his daughters younger than Shiritsunane no mikoto was a wife of Prince Iokiiribiko no miko (a son of Emperor Keiko) and the mother of Homudamawaka no miko. Kanetayanenohime no mikoto was another daughter of him, younger than the other one, and was the wife of Homudamawaka no miko and mother of Empress Nakatsuhime no mikoto and two other wives of Emperor Ojin. Takeinadane no mikoto served two emperors, Emperor Keiko and Emperor Seimu, and he distinguished himself in the military expedition to the east lead by Yamato Takeru (a legendary hero and a son of Emperor Keiko), taking command of the army as vice shogun. He is enshrined to Atsuta-jingu Shrine, Utsutsu-jinja Shrine, Hazu-jinja Shrine, Narumi-jinja Shrine, Owaribe-jinja Shrine, Yakumo-jinja Shrine and so on.

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