Toyobiwake (豊日別)

Toyobiwake (also pronounced Toyohiwake) is a god that appears in Japanese Mythology.


In the chapter on kuni umi (the birth of the land of Japan), Tsukushi no shima Island (Kyushu), one of Oyashima no kuni (Great eight islands) born of Izanagi and Izanami, is described as being with a single trunk and four heads; the name of the second face is Toyobiwake.

"Toyo" in Shinmyo (a god's name) means Toyo no kuni (an area of Buzen Province and Bungo Province combined), deeming the whole Toyo no kuni itself to be a god, that is, Kunitama (a god who manage a province).

According to the shrine's biography of Toyohiwake gu Shrine (Yukuhashi City, Fukuoka Prefecture) which enshrines Toyohiwake no kami, 大伴連牟彌奈里, a Shinto priest of Hiwake no Okami in Chikushi (also pronounced Tsukushi), received an oracle saying 'I am Sarutahiko no kami' in 541; Sarutahiko was bunshin (a god who is a part of another god) of Amaterasu Omikami (the Sun Goddess) so that Toyohiwake no okami was enshrined to hongu (main shrine) and Sarutahiko was enshrined to betsugu (associated shrine). From this Toyobiwake and Sarutahiko is considered to be the same divinity.

He is enshrined to Onsen-jinja Shrine (also known as 'Shimen-gu Shrine,' in Obama-cho, Unzen City, Nagasaki Prefecture) and others.

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