Tsunugui and Ikugui (ツヌグイ・イクグイ)

Tsunugui and Ikugui are kami (god) in Japanese Methodology (shinto).

Tsunugui and Ikugui are from the 4th generation of Kaminoyonanayo (seven generations of the gods' world, The Primordial Seven); Tsunugui is a god and Ikugui is a goddess. Kui (or kuhi)' ('gui' in the names of Tsunugui and Ikugui are actually euphonic changes of 'kui') has a similar meaning to 'kumu' (or gumu) as seen in 'megumu' (to sprout). Tsunogumu' is the original word for 'Tsunugui,' which means sprouting a bud which looks like a horn. Ikugumu' is the original word for 'Ikugumi,' which means starting to grow. These are names that imply that mud had become hard and plants came to be able to sprout and grow.

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