Yamashina-jinja Shrine (山科神社)

"Yamashina-jinja Shrine" is a shrine in Yamashina Ward, Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture. Its old shrine ranking is township shrine. It is a ronja (shrines considered to be descendants of a shikinai-sha) of shikinai-sha (shrine listed in the Engishiki (List of Official Shrines)) myojin-taisha shrine 'Uji district of Yamashiro Province Yamashina jinja niza' (the other ronja is the Iwaya-jinja Shrine (Kyoto City)).

It enshrines Yamatotakeru no mikoto and his child Wakatakeru no mikoto.

According to the historical document of the shrine, it was built in 897 under imperial command by Emperor Uda. It was the soshin (ancestor honored as god) of a powerful clan, the Miyaji clan, and was revered as Yamashina Ichinomiya (shrine with the highest ranking in Yamashina) and the Chief Ujigami (local Shinto deity).

Iwaya-jinja Shrine is considered the inner sanctuary of this shrine (currently, an independent shrine), and is said that when Yoshio OISHI was having a secluded life in Yamashina district, he secluded himself in the Iwaya-jinja Shrine and prayed for realization of a great ambition.

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