Yasakatome no kami (八坂刀売神)

Yasakatome no kami is a goddess in the Shinto religion, Kisakigami (God Empress) married to Takeminakata no kami. She is enshrined at Suwa-taisha Shrine and other shrines such as Suwa-jinja shrines in various parts of Japan. Since Yasakatome no kami does not appear in Japanese Mythology, she is thought to be a goddess indigenous and unique to Suwa region, Nagano Prefecture.

There is a legend that Omiwatari (cracks that form in the ice on Lake Suwa) are formed when Takeminakata no kami, the god enshrined at kami sha (southern shrine building in Suwa taisha Shrine) visits shimo sha (northern shrine building in Suwa taisha Shrine) enshrining Yasakatome no kami.

It is said that her father was Amenoyasakahiko no mikoto and that Yasakairihime no mikoto was her younger sister. Another folkloric myth says that Yasakatome no kami was a daughter of Watatsumi and a younger sister of Hotakami no mikoto.

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