Azuchi Castle Tenshu Nobunaga no Yakata Museum (安土城天主信長の館)

The Azuchi Castle Tenshu Nobunaga no Yakata Museum is a facility located in Azuchi-cho, Gamo-gun, Shiga Prefecture.

It houses the restored tenshukaku (5-6 stories) of the original Azuchi-jo Castle, which was exhibited at the Seville World Expo in 1992.

Guide to the museum

There are a variety of arts and crafts from the period as well as photographs of Japan's castles on display in the area surrounding the first floor of the museum, and shops selling limited edition souveniers that are only available there.

Visitors can climb the stairs to see the exhibits in the upper floors of the museum.


By rail: Approximately a 25 minute walk from JR Biwako Line, Azuchi station

By car: Approximately a 35 minute drive from the Hikone interchange; a 25 minute drive from the Yokaichi interchange; a 20 minute drive from Ryuo Interchange off the Meishin Expressway


800 Kuwanomiji, Azuchi-cho, Gamo-gun, Shiga Prefecture

Entrance fee

Adults: individuals - 700 yen; group rate - 300 yen

Students: individuals - 300 yen; group rate - 200 yen

Children: individuals - 150 yen; group rate - 100 yen


It is possible to observe the castle from outside of the fence, without entering the museum. The interior of the castle is constructred in an octagonal form, and the walls are decorated with paintings.

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