Butokuden (武徳殿)

Butokuden is one of the palace buildings that used be in Daidairi (the Greater Imperial Palace including the government buildings) in the Heian period. It was used to watch horse racing in the Palace. It was located in the west of Daidairi facing the Inbu-mon Gate, between the buildings of Ukonoefu (the palace police) and Uhyoefu (Right Division of Middle Palace Guards). At the east side of Butokuden, there was an open space containing a horse riding ground and Ennomatsubara Field (a field with pine trees).

The headquarters of Dai Nippon Butoku Kai (a martial arts organization) for Japanese martial arts, and other martial arts training halls across the country, especially those founded in the Meiji period (including ones overseas) were also called Butokuden after the one in the Daidairi. Because they were built to promote martial arts at that time any such buildings that remain today are valued as cultural properties.

Buildings Called Butokuden That Remain Today:

In Japan
Kyoto Kyu (former) Butokuden (Important Cultural Property)
Kyoto City Budo (martial arts) Center (Cultural Property designated by Kyoto City)
Yamaguchi Prefectural Police Gymnastic Hall
Tentoku-ji Temple Hondo (the main building) (Tottori Prefecture)
Miyazaki Prefectural Police School Butokuden
Shiga Prefectural Police Gymnastic Cultural Hall
Ashikita-cho Municipal Butokuden (Kumamoto Prefecture, National Registered Cultural Property)
Niihama Butokuden (Ehime Prefecture, National Registered Cultural Property)
Saijo Butokuden (Ehime Prefecture)

In Taiwan
Daxi (大渓) Butokuden (Daxi, Taoyuan County)
Taichung (台中) Butokuden (Taichung City)
Changhua (彰化) Butokuden (Changhua City, Changhua County)
Tainan (台南) Butokuden (Tainan City)
Kaohsiung (高雄) Butokuden (Kaohsiung City)
Qishan (旗山) Butokuden (Qishan, Kaohsiung County)

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