Cultural Park Joyo (文化パルク城陽) (文化パルク城陽)

Cultural Park Joyo is a composite cultural facility located in Joyo City, Kyoto Prefecture. It houses large and small halls, a planetarium, a folk heritage museum, a library, and a community center.

It is located relatively close to Uji City Culture Center and Yawata City Culture Center and competition is fierce.

Completed in 1995. Designed by Seiichiro NISHIMURA.

Summary of Facilities

Site area: 18,146 square meters; total floor space: 19,968 square meters

Puramu hall (the large hall)
1305 seats (including 12 for wheelchairs), up to the third floor balcony seats
It is equipped with a music practice room, a studio, and a video editing room.

Fureai hall (Community Hall)
Usually 324 seats (including movable 250 seats on the ground floor)
More seats can be added to take the total up to 400 seats.

Cosmo Hall
252 seats (including six for wheelchairs)
The diameter of its dome is 23 m.

Joyo City Folk Heritage Museum
Terada Community Center
It also houses a library, a play room, large and small meeting rooms, a tea ceremony room, Ticket PIA (ticket vendor), and restaurants.

It is operated by Joyo Civil Leisure Activity Foundation.

1 Terada Imabori, Joyo City, Kyoto Prefecture

Approximately ten minutes on foot from Terada Station on the Kintetsu Corporation Kyoto Line.

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