Former Hachiman Post Office (旧八幡郵便局)

The former Hachiman post office is a historical building located in Omi Hachiman City in Shiga Prefecture.

Designed by William Merrell VORIES, the Imazu post office structure was built in 1921 and used continuously until 1960.

Currently the structure is used as a gallery and is used as the secretariat for the NPO called 'Hitotsubu no Kai' charged with preserving and reusing Vories' structures.

Construction Summary

W.M. Vories
Wooden, 2 stories
8 Suwaichonaka, Omi Hachiman City, Shiga Prefecture, 523-0862

Transport Access

20 minutes walk from Omi Hachiman Station (West Japan Railway Company or Omi Railways)

Vicinity Information
Ikeda-machi yokangai
Omi Hachiman City Archives Museum
Omi Hachiman YMCA Building
Former Nishikawa family home (Important Cultural Property)
Former residence of the Ban family
Hakuunkan (White Cloud House)
Kawara Museum
Vories Memorial Hall
Hachiman Park
Hachiman-bori canal
Himure Hachimangu Shrine
Hongan-ji Temple Hachiman Betsuin (branch temple)
History and Folklore Museum

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