Fujii Daimaru (a department store in Kyoto City) (藤井大丸)

Fujii Daimaru Co., Ltd. is a department store in Kyoto City of Japan. The store is located at Teramachi Street, Shijo Street, Shimogyo Ward, Kyoto City, and is a long-established store founded in 1912. It is very popular among the local citizens as a local department store in Kyoto City.

It positions itself apart from competing stores by limiting lines of business. It keeps a lot of specialty boutiques and the like such as UNITED ARROWS and JOURNAL STANDARD which are popular among young people.

It has no connection in either capital or human resources with a major department store Daimaru (the head office is in Osaka City) which is running Kyoto-mise (Kyoto Branch) at Shijotakakura-dori Street (about 400 meters to the west of Fujii Daimaru), nor with a stationery wholesale trading company Daimaru Fujii in Sapporo City.

1912: Established.
July, 1972: The first shop of McDonald in the Kansai region 'Fujii Daimaru Shop' was opened on the first floor (It had moved away and doesn't exist now, but you can find the moved shop just across Shijo-dori Street.)

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