Funaki-no-sho Manor (船木荘)

Funaki-no-sho Manor was a shoen (manor in medieval Japan) that existed in Mino Province during the Heian and Muromachi Periods.
It was an estate of Hojo-ji Temple


Motosu District, Mino Province.

It was located in the modern-day vicinity of the southwestern area of Motosu City and the northwestern area of Mizuho City in Gifu Prefecture. It is speculated that the old Mieji-shuku post station on the Nakasendo Way was at its center.




It was originally a territory handed down by the ancestors of TAKASHINA no Motozane.

Feudal Lord

Head Family
Hosho-ji Temple
Ryoke (Lord of the Manor)
Takashina clan


It is probable that the manor was oppressed by the force of the jito (manager and lord of a manor) during the Muromachi Period.


During the Kamakura period it split into To-no-sho (東荘: east manor) and Nishi-no-sho (西荘: west manor).

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