Giyoden Hall (Treasure Hall) (宜陽殿)

Giyoden Hall (Treasure Hall) was one of the halls of the dairi (Imperial Palace) in the city of Heian-kyo.

Situated in the southeast of the Imperial Palace, this hall was located to southeast of Shishinden Hall (Throne Hall), south of Ryokiden Hall, and to the north of Shunkyoden Hall beyond Nikka-mon Gate. It stood opposite Kyoshoden Hall (Palace Archive Hall), which was situated on the western side of the south garden, facing in an east-west direction.

The moya (core of the building) was used to store the imperial treasures that were handed down to successive emperors. The Sakone (Left Division of Inner Palace Guards) court was located in the nishibisashi (western outer area) and was frequently used to assemble the Jin no Sadame (Court Council). The meeting place of the Jin no Sadame later moved to the konro (roofed corridor with open sides) joined to Shishinden Hall.

A Giyoden Hall that was reconstructed according to the original design stands at the present Kyoto Imperial Palace.

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