Gunze Memorial Hall (グンゼ記念館)

Gunze Memorial Hall is a museum located in Ayabe City, Kyoto Prefecture. The memorial hall was opened in 1950.

It is a corporate museum on the history of Gunze Limited. The museum is housed in an old European style building, which was used as the headquarters of Gunze-seishi Co., Ltd., built in 1917.

It exhibits and introduces the history of Gunze, which was founded in 1896, and both historical materials and nishiki-e (wood block prints in full color) on sericulture and silk reeling.

2nd floor
Main exhibition room
Distinguished guest room
The room exhibits a facility which was used as the throne for Empress Teimei when she visited the company.
Founder's room
1st floor
Nishiki-e (woodblock prints in full color) gallery
Silk yarn room
The room introduces the history of silk reeling machines and silk yarn technology.
Education room
Information room

Summary of the building

by Kamezo YOMO
in 1917
wooden structure without basements
Total floor area
Aono, Ayabe City, Kyoto Prefecture 623-0011
The memorial hall is located to the left of the headquarters building of Gunze built in 1933, to the right of the main gate of the Gunze main factory built in 1917, and opposite the building of Gunze Museum (old cocoon warehouse) built in the early Taisho period. Along with the main gate of the Gunze main factory, the building of the memorial hall has been designated by the Architectural Institute of Japan as an historical structure to be preserved.

Opening hours
10:00 - 16:00 on Fridays
Ten-minute walk from Ayabe station of JR Sanin Main Line

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