Higaida Otsuka-kofun Tumulus (a tumulus in Makimuku-kofun Tumuli Cluster in Sakurai City, Nara Prefe (東田大塚古墳)

Higaida Otsuka Kofun is an ancient tomb belonging to the Makimuku-kofun Tumuli Cluster in Sakurai City, Nara Prefecture.


Location: Aza Otsuka, Higaida, Sakurai City, Nara Prefecture
Buried person: Unknown
Time of construction: The early first half of the Kofun period (Tumulus period)
Tomb shape: A Makimuku type large keyhole-shaped tomb (no fukiishi [a layer of stone covering the soil over a burial mound] and no haniwa [clay image])
Size: Approximately 96 meters in full length, the back circular part approximately 64 meters in diameter, 9 meters in height, the shugo (surrounding moat) approximately 21 meters in width.

Burial spot: Not yet investigated
Unearthed goods:
Haji pottery (Furu 0-type)
Wooden products
A burial jar (found from the outer banks of the shugo, which was a Chubu Setouchi type earthen coffin with a cover of the Tokai type lid)

Excavation investigation found the remaining mound at the front square part, the Sakurai City Board of Education made it public that the full length was more than 110 meters, 14 meters longer than they had surmised on April 12, 2007.

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