Higashi Maizuru Park (東舞鶴公園)

Higashi Maizuru Park is located in Maizuru City, Kyoto Prefecture. It is also known by the name Maruyama-koen Park.

It is fully provided with tennis courts, a ball park and a children's park, and approximately 25,000 azalea trees, the Maizuru city-designated flower, are planted there. Maizuru Tsutsuji Matsuri (Azalea Festival) is held on May 4 every year. In addition, the park has become a hidden beauty spot, because the entire city area can be viewed from its hill top.


Higashi Maizuru Park Stadium

Tennis courts

Higashi Maizuru Park Athletic Stadium

Children's park

Pond and summer house

Observation decks and roads for enjoying walks



Parking (free of charge)

Kyudojo (practice hall)


Approximately five minutes by car from Higashi Maizuru Station on the Maizuru Line of West Japan Railway Company

Sightseeing spots around the park

The World Brick Museum

The Maizuru City Commemoration Hall

Maizuru Red Brick Warehouses

Goro Sky Tower

Maizuru Repatriation Memorial Museum

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