Hiyoku irimoya-zukuri style (比翼入母屋造)

Hiyoku irimoya-zukuri style is one of the architectural styles of shrines in Japan. It is also referred to as Hiyoku-zukuri style or Kibitsu-zukuri style.


A similar style is sangensha Hiyoku irimora-zukuri style adopted by Yuga-jinja Shrine (Kurashiki City, Okayama Prefecture).


Hiyoku irimoya-zukuri style structure consists of a Honden with Butsuden (Buddha Hall) style employed inside, and a Haiden (a hall of worship) at the front. In particular, the roof of the Honden has a hip-and-gable roof shape, in which two parallel hipped roofs are joined to a roof on the same level, making up a single roof ridge. Thus, two gables are positioned side by side.

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